Burial at Sea

Privately Chartered Memorial Services for Dignified, Memorable Water Burial Ceremonies

Life is a voyage, a journey filled with cherished memories and moments that shape our existence. But what about the final journey, the one that carries us beyond the horizon? Introducing Galveston Burial at Sea, where we honor the lives of your loved ones in the most profound and meaningful way.

With our experienced and compassionate team, we provide a seamless and deeply personal experience, ensuring that your loved one’s final journey is both peaceful and unforgettable. Join us as we embark on a heartfelt journey, where the gentleness of the ocean waves carries your cherished memories into eternity.

Prices starting at $750
Taxes and gratuity additional

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Let Us Handle Your Private Burial at Sea Ceremony

Our experienced crew understands the delicate nature of these moments, offering compassionate support and personalized services to cater to your needs during this sensitive time. With our attention to detail, we strive to create a memorial service that reflects your loved one’s individuality.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship guides us in preserving the beauty of our oceans. Burial at Sea is proud to embrace sustainable practices, offering eco-friendly options that foster the regeneration of marine life and pay homage to the wonders of our planet.

What Happens at a “Burial at Sea” Session?

On the day of the ceremony, our dedicated team will welcome you and your guests aboard our vessel, providing a comfortable and serene setting. As we set sail, our captain will navigate to the designated location.

At this time, a respectful and solemn ceremony may be held, allowing you and your loved ones to say your final goodbyes. With the gentle guidance of our crew members, the biodegradable urn will be released into the sea, symbolizing the return of your beloved to the eternal embrace of nature.

Throughout the process, we ensure utmost care and respect, tailoring the ceremony to your specific preferences and ensuring that it becomes a cherished and meaningful memory for all those in attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Biodegradable Urn Included in the Price of Booking?
No, but when scheduling you can purchase the urn from us at that time.
Is scattering of the ashes allowed?
Scattering of ashes is not allowed. All ashes must be in biodegradable urn before boarding the boat.
Can we conduct our own service or bring our own Priest, Minister, etc?
Yes. Families may wish to conduct their own Memorial Service with our crew assisting your officiant and family. Our captains do not perform ceremonies.
Can we bring our own urn?

Yes, as long as it is a biodegradable urn.

Is Food Allowed on the boat?
Yes, you can either bring your own food or have it catered. If you bring your own food you will need to bring everything to serve it on or with (plates, napkins, serving spoons, etc.)
Where do we meet the captain before charter?
You and immediate family will meet with the captain on-board approximately 20 minutes prior to departure time. You will provide the remains to the captain at this time to be prepared for the service in a silk-lined basket covered in long-stem roses and rose petals.
Do you scatter PET remains as well?

Yes, we offer scattering of ashes services for dogs and cats….your precious four legged family members.

Can we play music during the charter?
Yes, we have a sound system that you may plug into for your playlist or we have satellite radio stations you may choose from.
Can we bring pictures, flowers, decorations, etc. on board?
Yes, you may bring decorations, flowers, pictures, etc. Open flame candles, balloons and confetti are not allowed. We provide an easel for over-sized pictures and collages.
Can we bring coolers on the vessel?
Yes, small ones. But you will need to discuss this at time of scheduling.
Can you bring Flowers on Burial?
Yes. As long as it is all biodegradable.
Does Galveston Burial at Sea sell flowers and wreaths?
Yes. We will have them for sale and with advance notice we will be able to assist with what your request are. We sell biodegradable wreaths and rose petals
Does Galveston Burial at Sea offer catering of food?
We do not cater the food, but we can recommend locations to use for these memorial.
Can we bring food to the burial?
Yes. There is an area for food and drinks to be set up.
Can Galveston Burial at Sea decorate for the burial?
Yes. This will need to be arranged at the time of scheduling so that we can ensure that the boat will be available.

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